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I've been involved in photography for most of my life. I remember as a kid,  I was always fascinated with cameras. Unfortunately they either didn't work or were the 110 film variety. The ones I liked were the ones in the magazines that the "Pros" used. The one person that I always remembered having a camera out, was my grandfather.  I guess that was the start of it then.  I always saw him with it at some point.  I liked that.

Along with other influences, were the countless auto magazines I used to own. I would go through those back to front and back again. I had a mike high collection of car brochures as well.  I guess the imagery has just stuck in my head. It was a ritual to spend every weekend riding my bike past a car dealer to check out the latest and greatest rides.

I picked up my first real camera as a teenager and have had the photo bug ever since. There was a time that I actually walked away from it. That was the transition from film to digital. That lasted until I could wrap my head around this wonderful technology that was to come our way.  It opened up a whole new realm of possibilities that I only dreamed of.  I don't believe there is a day that goes by that I don't take a photograph or at least have my camera with me.  That is really cool.  To be able to create something and to share it with the world, is quite simply, amazing.  I thought you had to work for National Geographic to reach as many people back then as you can today by only a simple click of a mouse or your phone. Probably more.

Ask anyone that knows me, they will instantly tell you how passionate I am about photography.  I am very happy with that. What makes me happier is the great responses I get from my work.  Ultimately I shoot for myself.  If it makes me happy then,  great.  If others like it too?  Excellent.

So once again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay.


Thank you!
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